A Quilt for Katell-

This Pine Cone Quilt Sample 30 x 30 inches was made especially for Katell Renon in France

January 2017 by Betty Ford-Smith

Title: From Florida to France Pine Cone Quilt Block approx. 30" by 30" Handmade by Betty Ford-Smith in Sebring, Florida

Completed - January 30, 2017 


This quilt symbolizes the friendship two women developed and their common interest from across the ocean through emails and why this Pine Cone Quilt square is for Katell Renon.

First, the center is a small green star which for me represents Mother Nature, good health, prosperity and good fortune. Katell is the nurturing star in all things good happening in quilting circles around the world.

Second, Mother Nature is surrounded by water represented by the color blue and shades of purple. Purple being one of Katell’s favorite colors and for the book and movie we both love- the Color Purple. Purple represents royalty, nobility, power and ambition. Purple also represents creativity, wisdom, devotion, peace, mystery and magic. Blue represents the sky and the sea. This is the only way to travel from Florida to France. Blue also symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, faith and truth which are traits I have seen in Katell.

Third, as this piece was developing before my eyes, it was beginning to get a bit dark, so, to bring a little sunlight into these often dark days yellow was introduced to the pattern. The sunlight against the earth and the happiness of a sunny day inspired cherries growing in the sunlight somewhere on the hills of Europe. I do not know why but I kept thinking about cherries in France. The cherry fabric was in the box and already cut. Thinking that Maraschino cherries are often found in drinks and on top of ice cream sundaes which I love made the cherry fabric a good fit.

Fourth, back to nature, green represented for me money, wealth, health, growth, energy and the environment which we need to survive in this world today. A tropical jungle emerged in the rows of green with beautiful birds and lush foliage bringing to mind Africa which Katell and I both love. I felt the need for more sunlight this time representing Florida, cherries from Europe and wine from Europe represented in a fabric with purple grapes green leaves and a black background.

Fifth, lavender another shade of purple comes in mixed with green and represents the mixture of feminine gracefulness, elegance, refinement and continued growth and good health. Lavender has a sacred place in nature, it suggest uniqueness and specialness. It is a rare occurring color in nature and Katell is a rare and special friend.

Sixth, using an alternating mixture of dark and light green represents health and wealth, again. Another reason for the green was because Katell started the 2017 blog. with the color green.

Seventh, light blue with butterflies, the color purple more blue and another shade of purple are introduced to uplift the spirits, calm the nerves, enhance the sacred, increase sensitivity and encourage the imagination. This is the ocean and all the wonders of nature separating us but keeping us together with similar likes and joining us in the beauty of creativity.