The 2018 Capital City Quilt show was called  Out of the Blue –

Opening Reception. There were 86 quilts on display.  The ribbon cutting was at 5:50 and the opening was over by 7:30. The workmanship was amazing on many of the quilts.

To see all 86 quilts and the descriptions  go to pinterest - If you click on the picture you will get an enlarged view, click it again and the picture is magnified even more.

 I hope you will enjoy seeing the quilts as much as I did. Below are a few pictures. One women wanted to meet me, to ask if I were crazy.. I told her yes, I think so, sitting for so many hours sewing like this becomes soothing, mesmerizing, meditative and therapeutic, after a while. Another woman was from  Bordeaux, France and was just as thrilled and interested as the women in Toulouse to meet me. We had a long conversation about southern France and patchwork.( She is the woman in the red dress having the women in white gloves show her the back of the quilt.) I do not know the beautiful young lady in the picture with me but she and her boyfriend took lots of pictures and asked lots of questions. She looks like a beauty queen.

 I joined Quilters Unlimited last year to be in the 2017 and 2018 Capital City Quilt Show at the Museum of Florida History. The women are so warm, welcoming and friendly, I feel as if I have known them for years. It was Jeanne Brenner standing in the black shirt with Smitty that put my sleeves in and made the labels last year. This year, I went to Jeanne’s house in Monticello, Florida and spent two days learning how to make the sleeves and labels so I would be ready this year. Jeanne entered two quilts this year. One of her quilts is to the left of Smitty behind him and she is pictured in front of her black quilt. The woman in the blue top, Marsha Walper won Best in Show with her blue swirl challenge quilt. The People’s Choice Awards will be announced at the end of the show in October.

 Once again, I must say, I am honored, blessed and humbled to be displayed with such creative, talented and accomplished quilters.

 Thank you for your continued encouragement.